Bliss Of Being : Our Natural State

Taste the Moment

By Wayne Hoover

Today I woke up to the bright sunshine and the crystal air meditated on the deck. Afterwards I grabbed at least 8 or so little Mandarin Oranges and relished in their sweetness. It feels good to eat mostly fruit- it feels really good. After meditation Shawn W. wanted to go on a mission- and in retrospect it took longer that it had to- had more steps than it needed- but I learned from it. I am learning to stay more and more present- because the present moment feels so good- it feels so nice to be- to just be now- without worry of the past or future- just present. This feeling is not really a feeling its a state of being and it reminds me of this quote:

I do not worry about the past and not fearful of the future because my life is supremely concentrated in the present and the right response comes to me instantaneously in accordance to the situation in which it occurs.

Sometimes I get so caught up thinking about the past or the future that I forget the present. The present moment is where its at. The now. Presentness- brings me peace.

Meditation tonight became quiet. Very quiet. Felt very expansive- like I wasn’t just in my body- but I was all that was going on around me. Everything around me was me I was it- I was that noise over there that whistle of the wind in the branches- that little bit of light- I was that.

Last night was the new moon so its a great time to make goals for the next couple weeks. In meditation a goal came to my mind: “To experience all- to be all of experience- the totality of experience.” To not only experience what “I” am experiencing but to experience what “all” is experiencing. Lots of suffering- lots of happiness- lots of things. But see it is the “I” that takes all of that raw experience and makes it something- gives it names and labels it- describes it- judges it. This “I” is what makes it impossible to experience all- because the very nature of all is not a part of any one- it is all- all of it at the same time- to experience this is to go beyond labels- it is to go beyond words and concepts- it is to truly rest in our most supremely natural state- that is of just being. The amazing thing about it is we don’t have to do anything to get into this state- we are already there- “We” come from that state- we are that state inherently- there is nothing else that needs to be done. Yet of course- that state then is “experienced” it is experienced by some–one– and then there is no longer all. there is this experience with this judgment and this feeling and this view point. Its just –one– viewpoint. And thats great its a viewpoint- as long as we are separate we each have our own viewpoint. Ultimately- right now we- you- me- All- ARE and at the same time we each have our own view point. Whichever we like is true. Yet- what is really powerful is dwelling in the IS- just dwelling there and letting things happen- letting whatever separateness that needs to happen- happen- because thats fine- thats what is happening right now. Dwelling in the present- in the isness- in the all- or whatever name- is really amazing- quite utterly profoundly amazing.

Dwell here. What does your breath taste like? Right now.

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