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What To Do With Our Time? Love

By Wayne Hoover

Sometimes I think the central question for humanity is “What should I do with my time here on this planet?” After the basics have been taken care of the question always haunts us; what should I do now? There might be thousands of answers to this question given by various religions- philosophies- and cultures. But still the question always remains; what am I going to do with my time?

History seems to record that humanity- generally- has been predisposed to answer this question with the wisdom of fear. I say “wisdom” of fear- because I do not want to belittle such an important evolutionary instinct. Yet- fear is stressful and limiting. That which is not fear- that is- love- can also guide us- it is yet another evolutionary instinct that we as a species are beginning to follow more and more.

The joy of love is guiding more and more people these days. We no longer require fear to survive- as a race we have the all the capabilities to live in love with all living things on earth.

Together more choose to answer the question “What should I do with my time?” With love- over fear. I see this as a evolutionary progression to a more harmonious- peaceful- joyful life on this planet.

Evolution starts and ends within. Once one begins to love him or herself the more love is found all around this person. Love begins within- as does fear- and outwards these guiding emotions ripple the external world. When one is beaming with love for him or herself it attracts others who are the same- when one is fearful of the amazing power inside it attracts other people who are the same. As more people find the joy of love inside- the more the world becomes joyful.

Soon history will predominantly report of people following their joy- of people who are guided by love.

So “What to do?” … Love. Love yourself. Nothing to change- nothing to do. Love. Is.

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