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Moving to Hawaii

By Wayne Hoover

I am moving to Hawaii- my plane leaves March 12th for Kauai- I plan on staying indefinitely.


I have always pictured myself living in the tropics. Humans are always trying to make their living environments match the tropical environment. We dress ourself in very warm clothes when it is cold and turn on the heater- we are always trying to match the temperature around us to the tropical regions of the world. It seems so natural to live in tropical weather where there is no worry about being cold and where fruit (our most natural food) is so abundant.

I might also be moving just for the sake of moving- for the experience of such an undertaking. I graduated college a year ahead of schedule about 9 months ago and have been living in Santa Cruz for a long enough time that I feel like its time to leave. I need to experience what its like to totally be on my own. Maybe moving to Hawaii is like a kind of like a right of passage for me; a quest that is not about the destination but is all about the journey- its a journey inside myself.

My goals for Hawaii

So yea! Come visit me. I plan on keeping this blog updated with what I am currently up to on the islands. You can also check me out on Facebook and twitter for more updates.

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