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To Achieve Your Goals Write Them Down and Share

By Wayne Hoover

I was talking to my brother last night about what he wanted in a relationship and after I got him to explain exactly what he wanted- I told him to immediately write it down- he asked me why and I told him because it incredibly speeds up the manifestation process.

There is really something magical about writing down your goals (I’ll explain why it so powerful later in this post). Pretty much every personal development teacher will tell you to write your goals down- but its funny how little people actually do it- yet it is absolutely critical.

The beauty about the age we live in with sites like twitter and facebook you can immediately share your goals with all your friends and extended network. The moment you share your goal with other people it becomes that much stronger because you have committed to it that much more.

The more you commit to a goal the faster it will manifest. You can commit to your goal by doing these things in order of increasing power; think it- speak it aloud- tell a friend- write it down- tell a trusted love one… There are many more ways to commit to your goal- specifically specific actions you can take like meditating on it- writing a plan- etc but I want to focus on the aspect of writing your goal down and sharing it with others and how powerful that is to manifest your goal.

The more you commit to your goals the quicker they will manifest- and the internet has made it really easy to share your goals with many people at the same time which makes you feel more accountable to your goals.

Not only does writing down your goals and sharing them make you more accountable and committed but the real value is that it greatly increases the chances for “chance” things to happen that are in alignment with your goals. For example your goal is to run everyday and you post a facebook updating with that goal your next door neighbor might read it and already have a running group and practice and might just knock on your door one morning asking if you would like to go running with him and his running friends- you just never know!

This is the real power of writing down your goals and sharing them- they then quickly start to manifest in your world because you have let them go- you have taken your goals and made them much more real; by writing them down they are real on paper- by telling others they are real in others. The more your goals are real around you the more they start to become real around you! So write your goals down and share share share.

Here are my goals for this blog– and here are my personal goals. Please read them and let them inspire you to write your goals down and share them.

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