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To Create Wealth Provide Value

By Wayne Hoover

When you create value you create wealth for yourself. The must sustainable- joyful- and enjoyable way to create material wealth for yourself is to provide value to others. Real lasting value creates real lasting wealth.

Subconsciously many of us misrepresent the real value of our work- sometimes making our work seem more valuable than it is and sometimes making our work seem less valuable than it is- we don’t mean to do this- we have been taught to do this.

We see this misrepresentation of value everywhere in our culture and nowhere is it more apparent than in advertising. Value is hugely misinterpreted in this culture- in fact its quite a problem- such a problem that we begin to value things that have no real value at all- like designer jeans over our water or food quality. Its quite amazing to me that people are on a whole these days more willing to pay for expensive brand name jeans than they are are for organic food.

But I have always been a proponent of leading by example- and instead of telling people what they should or should not value- I think the better thing that we can all do- and the honestly the more joyful and lucrative thing to do is provide as much real value as possible to as many people as possible. When we provide real value we start to dissipate all the unreal value out there. By providing real value the world has that much more- and soon the real value in the world becomes more than the unreal value.

So when we start to really follow our heart an do what we believe is valuable- and not what others have told us- or what we have been taught is valuable- but what we really feel is valuable the better the world becomes and the more wealth flows to us.

The more real value we create the more real wealth flows to us. Real wealth can be a lot of things- its money- happiness- friendships- health. Real wealth is richness in life in all realms- not just monetary. Real wealth is far better than a large bank account- and it doesn’t necessitate a large bank account- but there is probably one there anyways. Really we all want real wealth- we don’t really care about the size of the bank account- we really want real wealth in our lives.

Real wealth comes when we provide real value.


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