Bliss Of Being : Our Natural State

What we all really want

By Wayne Hoover

People might say that getting things make them happy- and they probably do- for a moment. But what I have found is that what people are really after; beyond getting a job- finding a date- having perfect health- is to directly experience truth- to have experiential connection to their source. Direct experience of truth beyond concept; this is what we all strive for if we know it or not.

But what the heck is direct experience of truth? Sometimes I describe it by the feeling I get when I am in it; I feel like what I am doing is OK- deeeply I feel like I am taken care of. I feel like everything is taken care of- no worries on the deepest level- there is no need to even think anything it because everything is so solid- its all feels very taken care of- its beyond OK. With that comes this deep feeling of OKness- a feeling like I don’t need to worry about anything- I don’t have to think anymore- its taken care of. All my actions feel guided as if I’m not even doing them- they just happen- and life is amazingly synchronistic and beautiful- there is no fighting- there is no stress.

Sometimes- through grace- I find myself in this state- and I notice the type of impact I have on people when I am in this state- its quite profound. Sometimes I go in and out pretty fast. Like i’ll be talking to a friend and giving advice they can do to improve their life- very logical sound stuff- but somewhat bland standard stuff- we all know it.

But then a profound moment arises and I realize how this stuff doesn’t mean anything- and I drop something deep like “you know this matrix we live in is all just concepts and is inherently meaningless- the only thing that matters is you being here now-” or something- and it tends to bring some deep peace and healing. To connect with deep truth even for a second can be very healing- its this feeling of OKness- its quite profound. It makes everyone feel better.

We connect with truth- no matter who we are or what we are doing the more true something is the more we will connect to it. We don’t have to argue for the truth- its apparent just as it is. The truth is felt- we know it when we feel it. Sometimes we go awhile without having much deep connection to truth- and life at that point- in my opinion is kinda bland- but when you start experiencing more and more deeper truth- life becomes very rich- very rewarding.

Truth is what we really want. Getting things is fun- but getting Truth is a lot more fun.


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