Bliss Of Being : Our Natural State

Words and Money have no intrinsic value

By Wayne Hoover

Money is a lot like language. Money- like words- have no intrinsic value. Money and words are a means to an end- an agreed upon convention that have no real value in and of themselves out of the context of our culture. Problems form when we start to give money or words intrinsic value as if the money or the words had real value.

Words have no real value. Our life is so so much more than any word combination we could ever give to explain it. Every moment is so amazingly rich that no poet could ever describe the absolute bliss that is being alive- nor should they try. Words only take one away from the beauty of experiencing the moment- abstracting Truth to man made arbitrary boundaries mired in cultural history.

Truth is now- beyond your words- for it it exists now. Tap into truth now and experience it without the clutter of your history.

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